Precise Speeds Create Precise Textures


Vitamix Makes Smoother Smoothies.

The Vitamix® Professional Series 750 blends more than 5 times smoother blends than Sage™ the Boss™.*

We Don't Stop There

We’ve perfected turning whole fruits and vegetables into creamy blends with no chunks in sight. You could say we’ve achieved smoothie perfection, and you’d be right. But that’s only part of the story.

There’s a whole range of textures to explore between chunky and smooth, and every Vitamix machine can take you there.


A few quick bursts of power easily rough chop ingredients to create chunky dips, soups, and sauces without knife work.


With the smooth turn of a dial, transform roasted nuts into homemade butter and whole grains into gluten-free flours.


Chefs love Vitamix for its smooth purées. Simply blend whole-food ingredients with a bit of water or cooking liquid to silky perfection.

Whole-Food Juicing

Whole-food juice blends the entire ingredient, retaining all of its nutritious fibre and health benefits.

Speed Control

Use the Variable Speed Control to adjust the blade speed and the texture of every blend, from smooth purées to chunky salsas. The Pulse feature gives you a quick burst of power to chop ingredients or refresh drinks.

Automated Blending

Programmed settings ensure simple cleaning, walk-away convenience, and consistent results for a variety of recipes.

Create Every Texture

Variable speeds allow you to refine every texture with culinary precision, from the smoothest purées to the heartiest soups.

I bought this in December 2014, it makes gluten free bread and pizzas the best I have ever done. It will be the best thing you ever buy!!

Pauline, Northamptonshire, England

It blends anything smoothly and effortlessly and has opened up a whole world of foods for our tube fed daughter. I cannot stress enough how delighted we are with it.

Voejoworking, Scotland

Better Blades, Better Blends

Our carefully engineered blades are designed to handle the toughest ingredients. We start with aircraft-grade stainless steel. Then we harden it, polish it, and carefully laser cut it along the metal’s grain. Each prong has a precise surface area with a blunt edge and a specific angle, causing a simultaneous slicing and pulverising action in the blender. A one-two punch, if you will.


Built to Last

Create silky smooth smoothies from the first blend to the last.

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Harnessing Power for Better Flavour

When kale can taste like pineapple, healthier choices almost make themselves.

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Textures You Want From Ingredients You Love

Every Vitamix blender can help you make the same variety of recipes. Just select the product series below that fits your serving sizes and your counter space, and we’ll lead you from there.

G-Series Category

G-Series: Next Generation

Next generation, premium blending with more powerful motors and sleek designs that fit under most kitchen cabinets.

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C-Series Category

C-Series: Classic Blenders

Prepare healthy, whole-food meals in some of our best-selling, classic-styled machines.

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S-Series Cateory

S-Series: Personal Blenders

Two blending containers allow you to create small family meals at home or take your favourite recipes to go.

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Based on Blend Quality Index testing conducted with the Vitamix® 220 volt Professional Series 750 machine with 64 ounce container against the Breville® Boss to Go™ 220 volt machine with 68-ounce jug. Tests conducted at Vitamix headquarters in Cleveland Ohio, U.S.A., July 2016. Testing protocol utilizes a combination of black beans and water. For more information, please contact Vitamix.